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X-Quisite Beauty
Felt like drawing some pretties, so I drew the prettiests.

Ultimately didn't match up with the mental image - tho does it ever? - but I think they look keen. May do more, or maybe a DC trio. We'll see.

Dazzler: Ascension
Team Dazzler, fully assembled. #squadgoals

Howlett pops back into Ali's life, needing her help to rescue Hercules from Tartarus (Following events in X-Treme X-Men). They are successful, but after a brief reunion, Herc needs to get his head on right - as you do once your soul rots in hell - and feels he needs to do that alone. Howlett is hurt but understands and Ali insists he stay with her and play in the 616 for awhile. During this time Ali eventually moves Lois (now Lo) in with her after a lengthy stint in an institution. Lo builds a relationship with Clarice who has been a significant presence in Lo's recovery. Running into Ali during a heist (both were trying to stop the criminal, to Ali's shock), Joanna's road to redemption steers her toward a burgeoning friendship. Jean-Paul just misses Ali... and carries a little guilt from letting the whole Mystique kidnapping Dazz kerfluffle get by him.

They form a loose team and deal with some mid-level villainy until a very large scale calamity puts them in the spotlight. This gets the attention of much more powerful figures on both sides of the coin and a proposition to space hop for awhile makes them official - which is when this pic was taken. :) Once formed, Ali is introduced to Chief Medical Officer, Oliver. He provides her some yum yum sexy time... and other things more useful to the rest of the crew. Amidst all of the Adventure! Mystery! Intrigue! Comedy! Romance! Terror! Ali's powers are fully realized as are her capabilities as a leader giving us the "Ascension" subtitle.

One moment I'd love to see come to life is when everyone gets their costumes. While she "oohs and ahhs", Ali notices that everyone is wearing the same symbol. It doesn't take long before she sees it: Her signature eye makeup forming a "D" over a mirror ball. Blink tells her that Howlett suggested they have a team symbol to properly qualify them and since they are all here because of her, it should reflect their leader - a role Ali was by no means seeking officially. Breakdown came up with the image, wanting to celebrate Dazzler's legacy.

Overcome, Ali asks through teary eyes - that she is adorably trying to fan away "What should we call ourselves?" To which Northstar replies "We're not some Avenging Guardian Force. We're not branding ourselves - despite it being a briiiilliant idea, I was outvoted - and frankly, we're far too fantastic to be saddled with that old "X". We don't need a name. We're here for you. We're your team. We're Team Dazzler."

And thus concludes my latest Dazzler geek out. While my guilt tends to mount once I've completed my latest Dazzler project, because I do have more productive matters that require my attention (which I know I mention often), I'm coming to terms with it. It keeps those creative fires burning, it's fairly decent therapy and srsly? It's the mother fucking Dazzler.




Daniel Danny Dan
United States
Here to occasionally dump random scribbles, painty things and photomanips, mostly of Dazzler. How excited are you?!

Created my first DA account 8 years ago and did nothing. Created this one 3 years ago and yep, nothing. Created another one last week because I forgot about this one, 'membered it and well here we are!

I'm not entirely sure why I've suddenly decided to scatter my carbon footprint all over the interwebs after years of relative tidiness but here I am!

The people of DA have been a constant source of inspiration (and enormous envy!) since I first stumbled here and I suppose I am ready to jump into the mix and hopefully some of the magic will rub off on me so here I go!

... Seriously, I am ALL about tips. Inking, coloring, the best tools, etc.



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Hehe. I did. Thank you very much... and a Happy Birthday to you too!
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Checking out your gallery and loving what I see. First, Dazzler love is awesome, but your costume designs are fantastic! Keep up the great work
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I appreciate that. Thanks a lot. You've got some nice work as well.
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So much Dazzler. Oh how I love you.
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