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Team Dazzler: Style Parade
Hanging out in the headcanon again. Costumes to come, eventually, but real work matters take precedent. I know... BOO!

L to R: Jean-Paul Beaubier, Clarice Ferguson, Oliver Andres (OC), Alison Blaire, James Howlett, Lo London, Joanna Cargill

Haven: Style Parade
... More of casual parade for some.

l to r: Tommy. Jason. Siobhan. Matthew. Yomaris. Divinity. Danny. Sidney. Kei. Evan. Nikki. Julia. Aya. TJ. Arek.

I've teased a shot of my OC team in costume before, but haven't shared anything else. I draw them and they sit. Kinda sad, particularly since most have been around longer than many of you. I'm working to change that. They may never make it to print, but they are awesome and deserving of far more love and attention than I give them. I am a horrible parent... but it's mostly Dazzler's fault. ;)

The reason you're only seeing the flats is because after finishing the line art on the 7th character, it all went *poof*. No idea what happened, but my clean sharp lines were gone. After a brief rage fit, I just kept flatting under the sketches. Once finished, I liked the way it looked - my flats were never so clean - and decided this was how it'll stay.

I miss some of the detail, but I think the sketches are fine for displaying that so for a lil variety I've posted those versions on my IG and Tumblr.

Insta: @_magniflorious
Tumblr: Daniel Doodles
Ororo. Alison. Elizabeth.

Shading got so frustrating I almost abandoned it altogether until I remembered; when in doubt TEXTURE! Kind of works. Kind of a cop out. It is what it is. They're still beauties and I heart them so.

Dual Dazzlers
Some more art therapy sketching with Big D!

Been playing with my old Dazzler redesigns a lot lately. Since the ending of A-Force, the synapse are firing again. What is next for her?

On the left (Next Phase Nu-Wave) was first designed for an art jam on CBR that stuck around after her ill-fated SHIELD era and became my interpretation of where she would take her angry makeover. I think it works even better now as a logical progression from her more stylish punk look in A-Force. She's still working through stuff, but is getting a handle on most of it. She's still feelin' the edgy vibe, but missing her more overtly feminine aspects... and her long hair. This era has her returning to music, rebuilding her life and naturally helping others when the needs arise. Also, she'll rock this look on her X-Men playdates.

The right (Space Disco) comes about when she decides to *ahem* "Go For It!" and take on big time super heroics. She has her greatest (public) hero moment to date and because of that, public perception has turned in her favor, she's once again more famous than infamous and more beloved than ever. Her world saving eventually takes her back into space when old buddy Howlett comes calling and she forms a new team of her own. The Mojoverse and Galactus factor in significantly. Obv.

My Tumblr
Dazzler #1 Vol. 3 Cover
Wasn't sure when I was going to post this, but today's last issue of A-Force *sads* seemed to fit.

Refined the cast from this shot. Now with Howlett, Blink, Frenzy, Mortis and Northstar.

When A-Force came out, this idea became the phase two of a new solo title. She'll carry on from AF in the first part; performing, saving folks, figuring out what she wants, growing out her hair... all that important stuff. Then it's a new costume, a new crew and out to space she goes! X-Treme X-Men, The Mojoverse and Galactus all factor in.

... Swirly light hair bit inspired by Russell Dauterman's amazing cover for The Mighty Thor.


Daniel Danny Dan
United States
Here to occasionally dump random scribbles, painty things and photomanips, mostly of Dazzler. How excited are you?!

Created my first DA account 8 years ago and did nothing. Created this one 3 years ago and yep, nothing. Created another one last week because I forgot about this one, 'membered it and well here we are!

I'm not entirely sure why I've suddenly decided to scatter my carbon footprint all over the interwebs after years of relative tidiness but here I am!

The people of DA have been a constant source of inspiration (and enormous envy!) since I first stumbled here and I suppose I am ready to jump into the mix and hopefully some of the magic will rub off on me so here I go!

... Seriously, I am ALL about tips. Inking, coloring, the best tools, etc.



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